Quality System

  • Under the company's R&D and Quality Assurance Directorate; there are 6 separate units in total: quality control, raw material input control, semi-finished product control, process-end product control, microbiological control and R&D.
  • Basic facts that put ELLEAIR among the leaders in the Turkey; control of raw materials on the basis of each lot, strong quality and R&D structure and production in accordance with world standards at all stages from production to packaging.
  • The production quality of Komili Bebe diaper, Komili cosmetics and Komili wet towel products are inspected at every stage such as raw material supply, production, storage and delivery without risking GMP (ISO 22716) rules and quality criteria.
  • Our quality system has been documented and secured with ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate from the moment of production. For Elleair, quality is the value and respect offered to the consumer.
  • Production is carried out in our modern facility where hygiene and product quality are prioritized. Specially purified water is used in production, and all raw materials used are carefully selected. The compatibility of Komili branded products to the skin is tested, and microbiological tests and performance compliance tests are meticulously carried out for each batch produced.
  • We aim to offer the best product by following world standards and technologies in the diaper category. First in the world, olive oil-containing diapers were produced in our facility.