Privacy and Data Security Policy

ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY Privacy and Data Security Policy


This Privacy Policy intends to help you understand which data we collect, why and how, and what we do with such data. This information is of important nature. Therefore, we recommend that you make time for reading our policy carefully. We also remind you that you can find the controls in the My Account section in order to manage your information and to protect your privacy and security.


We would like you to know clearly how we use your information and how you can protect your privacy, while you use our services.


Our Privacy Policy explains the following:

  • Which information do we collect and how?
  • How do we use such information?
  • How our customers can access and update the information are other options we offer.


You can submit your questions, concerns or complaints about our Personal Information Security policy through our call center at 0212 279 03 30. Contact us for all your requests and questions with respect to such matter.


1- Which Information Do We Collect and How?

We, as ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY, collect your personal information from you in order to provide better services to our customers. The personal information we collect allows us to inform you about the recent product announcements, advantageous shopping opportunities, personalized advantageous suggestions and future events with respect to ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY. In addition, the data we receive from you allows us to receive feedback from you about our services in the most accurate manner by exchanging information with our customers. Therefore, you hereby acknowledge and warrant that any and all information and statements you have provided through the website are correct.


In the event that you prefer to browse this website, the privileges of ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY and/or our applications, then we do not ask you to provide any information. However, in the event that you prefer to participate in any of the features and services offered by our website, applications and/or other services, then we may request you to provide various personal and/or demographic information. The personal information (as used in this Privacy Policy) refers to any information, which will identify you personally, or which will be used in order to contact you on online or offline basis. These include, for example, your full name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number ("personal identification information") and date of birth, age, gender, or your interests and preferences based on your personal identification information. 


Your personal information is collected only upon your consent (e.g. if you provide it deliberately by using online forms available on this website and/or our applications), and such information collection process is generally performed as follows:



  • Signing up or becoming a member ("general signup to the website/application");
  • Surveys and voting;
  • Message boards and other interactive activities;
  • Sending to any friend;
  • Any feedback, question or comment that you submit through the "Contact Us" form;
  • Any information entered with respect to the job (e.g. CVs, media requests, etc.);
  • Online employment (e.g. applying for a job by sending your CV to Eleair International Turkey);
  • Any and all kinds of requests that requires provision of the personal information.


 The types and amount of information collected with respect to the features as specified above will differ depending on the event. The data we collect during service and website memberships through ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY (excluding your credit card information) are stored by us. Such information may include (but not limited to):

  • Full Name
  • Mailing Address
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Republic of Turkey ID Number

You may be asked to create a username and/or password with respect to some events and/or you may be asked to provide any additional demographic information, and such information may include:

  • Your age or date of birth;
  • Your gender;
  • Your frequency of use;
  • Other information about you.


The mobile applications prepared within the organization of ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY may automatically collect some information from the users. Such information include:

  • Brand and model of your mobile phone;
  • Internet Protocol address (IP) of your phone;
  • Operating system of your phone;
  • Location information. (within your consent for use of location details through your phone)

You can withdraw such data flow at any time by removing the application from your phone (you can adjust the data, which is collected through your phone, through the application settings and permissions section on your phone).


The social media program of ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY includes the platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The contents and features of the social media are subject to the own privacy policy of the relevant platform. For further information about the privacy policy for social media, please read the own privacy policies of the said companies (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.).


Cookies and Other Technologies

Nowadays, many internet browsers have "cookie" blocking mode during the visits to the websites. In the event that you have activated the "cookie" blocking mode in your internet browser, you cannot benefit from some of the features we have developed for you on our website.

The websites, online services, interactive applications, e-mail messages and advertisements of ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY can use the other technologies such as "cookies", "pixel tags" and "web beacons". Any information collected through the cookies and other technologies is considered as the non-personal information, and it is only used in order to improve the service we offer to you.


2- How Do We Use Such Information?

Any and all information collected from you is used for the purpose, for which you have provided your information to us, or during collection of the information, or for the purposes as described hereunder. You may be provided with the option to use your information with respect to a different activity or service other than the event or service you have requested (in a checkbox or otherwise) while signing up or providing information to this website and/or our applications.


Also, we may use your personal and/or demographic information with respect to our analysis studies; thus, we can continuously improve, personalize and customize the products and services we provide to you, and we can better meet your needs with respect thereto. This includes combination, updating or otherwise expansion your personal information, which is collected through this website and/or our applications, from time to time, with the data we obtain from the external sources or third parties. 

  • We use and keep your personal information in order to:
  • Promote our products and services;
  • Deliver the online and mobile orders to your address;
  • Know our members and improve our communication;
  • Offer general and special campaigns/advantages;
  • Carry out the marketing and advertising activities;
  • Customize our services specially and personally based on our customers;
  • Perform data analysis, research, surveys and other customer satisfaction practices/information, in accordance with the applicable laws.

We need your information in order to go beyond the expectations of our customers, and to communicate better, and to provide their satisfaction expected from us, and to be closer to the person to whom we provide service. Your personal information may not be used for the purposes other than those as specified above.

The Customer Communication Programs of ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY are customer-oriented marketing programs which offer general and special campaigns, promotions, discounts, advertisements, benefits for clubs and similar opportunities that can also be carried out together with the Program members in all workplaces operated by ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY, including those available in the electronic environment.


Our customers, who become a member of our services, allow the commercial electronic messages to be sent directly or indirectly by ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY and Program partners by means of any and all kinds of electronic media with respect to general and special campaigns, advantages, product and service promotions, advertisements, market research surveys and other customer satisfaction practices/information under the applications that may be put into effect by the Program.


They allow their personal information such as the full name, mobile phone number, date of birth, residential province, gender, and their location information, which is accessible due to the electronic programs, and their non-personal information to be collected for the purpose of promoting the goods and services, and enhancing the image, and improving the products, services and communications, and knowing the members, and using for the data analysis, researches, trends understanding, marketing and advertisement services, and also to be kept under the data recording system, and also to be processed and disclosed to the performance assistants such as "Program Partners", GSM Operators/Social Networking Sites for the purposes as specified above.


Unless otherwise provided by the member, he/she/it hereby acknowledges that her/his/its current data is kept, disclosed and processed for similar purposes as specified herein.

ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY may disclose the cumulative (collective) customer statistics to the third parties such as business partners (including investors) and the press so as not to include any personal information on individual basis.


 3- Accessing and Updating the Information

You may ensure that your contact information and preferences are correct, complete and up to date by accessing your account through our website addresses. You are never requested to provide any password, user name, credit card information or other personal information by e-mail. This practice, called "phishing", is a deception intending to steal your personal information. When you receive a message, which seems to be sent by us, however, which requests your personal information, you should not respond such message.

We intend to ensure that you will access your personal information whenever you use our services. In the event that such information is incorrect, then we will do our best for you in order to update or delete the information quickly (unless we are required to keep such information for a valid business or legal purpose). We may primarily ask you for verification of your identity in order to fulfill your request while updating your personal information.

You may utilize the password membership area on the website of our service channel, in which you provide your personal information, and this link or our following service in order to inquire your information recorded in our database or to correct/update your personal information:


 4- Our Data Security Criteria

 ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY takes any and all necessary technical and organizational measures in order to ensure the confidentiality and security of any sensitive personal information and your personal information that is collected through this website and/or other applications. Such measures include but not necessarily limited to:

  • Keeping your personal information in safe working environments, which are not public, and which may only be accessed by authorized ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY employees (under the Disclosure Agreement executed with our employees), our agents and contractors, and
  • Verification of the identity of the users of the website/application, in which we keep their personal information, before accessing such information. See also Article 2.

ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY takes relevant measures, including the administrative, technical and physical measures, in order to protect your personal information against any loss, theft and abuse, as well as against any unauthorized access, disclosure, change and destruction.

ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY's privacy policy and practices for ensuring the confidentiality are disclosed to the customer/individuals, upon the request of the customer/individual.


5- Applicability of Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy applies to any and all services (such as advertising and research services) offered by ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY. ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY does not make any promise or commitment other than those as specified. ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY may control and record any and all kinds of activities, which are performed by the User through the Website, for security reasons. ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY shall not be liable for use and disclosure of the personal information that are disclosed to the other users or the third parties by the user for any reason and procedure.


ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY shall be entitled to change or update the terms and conditions, the content of which is published on the website, unilaterally without serving any prior notice for such purpose. However, ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY shall also be entitled to amend or cancel the Privacy and Data Security Policy, and such amendments shall be deemed to have been accepted by the user by entering the website.


6- Unsubscribing the Information and Announcement List

In the event that you do not prefer to be included in our announcement and information list, then you may unsubscribe the list at any time by updating your preferences. You are authorized to access and control the commercial electronic messages sent by ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY for notification and communication purposes. In the event that you do not prefer us to contact with you during the continuity of your subscription to our services, then you may exercise your right to "CANCEL" in the digital media, and you may perform your cancellation process by dialing our call center. You will not be contacted until you submit a confirmation that invalidates such matter. In the event that you prefer to terminate to benefit from, and to unsubscribe, our services, then may call our customer service line for such purposes.


 7- Privacy Questions and Reminder

This policy may be amended due to the continuous evolution of the Internet technologies and the absence of a fixed structure of Internet-based business models. Any and all kinds of amendments to the privacy policy shall be announced to our visitors through this website. We recommend that you visit our website periodically in order to be informed about the amendments to our policy with respect to such matter.

For your questions or concerns with respect to the Privacy Policy or information processing of ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY, please contact us.


Spam e-Mails

"Spamming" means that any unwanted e-mail, which contains the materials in relation to the advertising or marketing, is sent to you without your consent.

WE DO NOT SEND SPAM e-mails to you. We use an anti-spam tool in order to protect our customers and employees against spamming. Most countries prohibit to send e-mails without the other party's consent. We do not use your personal information (including your e-mail address) with respect to the direct marketing or monitoring communications without your explicit consent. This is called as the "PREFERENCE TO PARTICIPATE" confirmation. Also, we do not disclose your personal information to any Third Party who will use such information for the spamming purposes. 


This website and our services and applications allows you to receive the marketing information by e-mail. Each e-mail sent by Elleair International Turkey also allows you to stop receipt of the marketing e-mails at any time.


If you believe that you have received spam e-mails from ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY Kisisel Bakim Urunleri Uretim Anonim Sirketi for any reason, please Contact Us immediately.


Legal Reasons and Miscellaneous

Any and all kinds of disputes that might arise from implementation of the terms of use shall be governed by the Turkish Law, and be submitted to and settled by the courts and enforcement offices of Istanbul. ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY may disclose your personal information as required by the law, legal process, lawsuits and/or public authorities in or out of your country of residence. In the event that any disclosure is deemed necessary or appropriate for national security, enforcement of the laws or other matters of public importance, then your information may be disclosed to the relevant authorities.


By visiting our website, you shall be deemed to have read the Privacy and Data Security Policy of ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY, and to have understood the content thereof, and also to have agreed the matters, as specified thereunder, unconditionally. ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, positive or negative losses and damages that may arise from use of the Website. ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY shall not be liable for any unintentional misinformation or guidance available on the website for any reason.

The links, which will/may be included in our website in order to help you, and any reference to the goods and services offered by the third parties shall not purport that such goods or services referred are affirmed by ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY. ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY shall not be liable for any damage that may occur as a consequence of the attempts performed with such inducement under any circumstances.


Any and all property rights of any and all kinds of visual, audio, printed, etc. materials with respect to the intellectual and industrial rights as published on our website shall remain with ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY, and copying, reproduction, distribution, etc. thereof shall completely be subject to the consent, in writing, of ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY. The user shall assume any and all legal liabilities which may arise from the entire use that is in breach of the intellectual and industrial rights.